UPDDI Core Facilities and Equipment

Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry Facility

UPDDI has access to chemistry and medicinal chemistry laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemistry and at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. The chemistry and medicinal chemistry facilities available to UPDDI are located in the University of Pittsburgh Oakland campus and at the Chevron and Salk Hall buildings.


These facilities are equipped with the state-of-the art instruments such as 400 and 600 MHz NMRs, ATR FTIRs, LCMS systems, a circular dichroism system, an SFC purification system, Isco Combiflash and preperative HPLC systems, Emrys microwave reactors,Par hydrogenators, lyophilizers,Flexicool cooling systems and a cold room for low temp reactions (Chevron).


The available equipment and facilities allow UPDDI access to non-GLP pharmaceutically relevant compounds from milligram to multi-gram scale.