Scientific environment – Drug Discovery Education


Fall Term 2016

Drug Discovery Course


A graduate course offered for the Fall Term. This course is open to all MS,

PhD, and MD students and advanced undergraduates.


Class: MSMPHL 2370

When: Monday and Thursday: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM,

Location: BSTWR 995


Director: Dr. Mark Schurdak, Co-directors: Drs. D. Lansing Taylor, Lee McDermott, Bruce Freeman, Michael Lotze, Edward Chu, David Whitcomb, and Ivet Bahar


Contact:  Shannon Granahan,


Course Description: Drug discovery is an interdisciplinary science that seeks to identify small molecular and/or biologic entities for therapeutic intervention and to understand integrated biological systems and processes at the functional and molecular levels.  This comprehensive course will discuss various topics that are relevant to current approaches and principles in drug discovery including drug origins, drug target identification, and validation, biochemical and cell-based screening approaches, proteomic approaches to drug discovery, computational chemistry and biology, and quantitative systems pharmacology, as well as other topics in preclinical and clinical drug development, personalized medicine, and intellectual property. The course will include case studies intended to aid students in a full understanding of the drug discovery process.


Course Sections: Fundamentals of Therapeutics, Molecular Target Centric Discovery, Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery, QSP to Advance Personalized Medicine, Case Studies.


Drug Discovery Course Outline