Positions Available

Computational Biologist/Web Developer

The University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute (UPDDI) is developing and implementing a web-based Microphysiology database (MPS-Db) for the capture and analysis of data from various microphysiological organ models as part of the Tissue-Chip-Testing-Center program sponsored by NCATS. The requirements for the database include aggregation, analysis and management of MPS data, integration of MPS data with human and animal exposure data, and the evaluation of MPS results with respect to reference and clinical data. The MPS-Db was designed and developed to provide user access over the internet, and to access and retrieve relevant data from other internet databases.  We will be extending the MPS-Db to support the development of microphysiological disease models under the Disease Modeling and Efficacy Testing (MPS-DMET) program also sponsored by NCATS.  The Computational Biologist/Web Developer will work with our current Database/Web developer, and be responsible for the development, deployment and support of all the MPS-DMET software components of the MPS-Db, including schema design, user interfaces, computational analysis and modeling software, connections to remote databases, and for supporting the timely import and dissemination of assay data and results. The incumbent must have a strong technical background with good teamwork and communication skills, be able to work closely with collaborators, and can articulate plans, problems, and solutions to team members.  The incumbent must demonstrate the ability to develop robust processes and procedures for thorough hardware, software, and application testing.  Knowledge and experience in machine learning, bioinformatics and statistical analysis is preferred. Prior software development experience is required.Candidates should be familiar with the following items in the MPS-Db development stack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Django/Python, PostgreSQL, NGINX, uWSGI, Linux/Unix


Qualified candidates should email a CV to:  Christine Grabowski at cmg72@pitt.edu