F. Raymond Salemme, PhD

CEO Imiplex LLC of Arizona

F. Raymond Salemme, PhD


Phone: (215) 962.2642



BA, Molecular Biophysics, Yale 1967
PhD, Chemistry (Protein Crystallography) UCSD 1972
Post Doc, Martin Kamen (Electron Transport Mechanisms) UCSD 1973
Sabbatical, Fred Richards (Protein Structure Theory) Yale 1981

Ray Salemme is a scientist-entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in
academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical drug discovery. Originally trained as a protein crystallographer, he pioneered the development of structure-based, biophysical, and computational methods for drug discovery. In 1993 he founded 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company that integrated structure-based drug design and combinatorial chemistry using a comprehensive computational framework for discovery process control. He currently serves as CEO of Imiplex LLC, a company developing engineered proteins for nanotechnology applications. Dr. Salemme has authored over 100 scientific publications and is co-inventor on 41 US Patents, including computational methods for drug discovery, engineered proteins, and methods and instrumentation for high throughput screening and protein characterization using thermodynamic methods.

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