The New Vision of Drug Discovery:

Optimizing the discovery and development of new molecular entities through collaborations between faculty, academic centers, corporations and government agencies, together with innovations in Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics and Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP).

QSP in Drug Discovery


Identifying and Quantifying Heterogeneity in High Content Analysis: Application of Heterogeneity Indices to Drug Discovery

“One of the greatest challenges in biomedical research, drug discovery and diagnostics is understanding how seemingly identical cells can respond differently to perturbagens including drugs for disease treatment. To address this important issue we sought to define a method that could be readily implemented to identify, quantify and characterize heterogeneity in cellular and small organism assays to guide decisions during drug discovery and experimental cell/tissue profiling.”


Harnessing Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
to Deliver Personalized Medicine